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Village Yoga WorkTrade is a program designed give people that are passionate about yoga an opportunity to practice in exchange for various jobs at the studio.

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What is WorkTrade?

A program offered for yoga students to provide service in exchange for unlimited yoga classes.

What is the overall commitment?

A 6 month minimum commitment is required for the program.

What are the hours?

WorkTrade students take on a 2 hour shift per week in exchange for Unlimited yoga. These may be split into one hour shifts according to job.

What are the duties?

Signing in students at the front desk, cleaning and administrative work.

Is this a real job?

Yes. You must go through two training sessions before you begin. You are paid in free yoga classes. You must find coverage if you cannot be here by contacting otherwork study students. Failure to show up for work or to find coverage will lead to immediate dismissal.

Is this job fun?

Yes! It is.

If you are interested in this program please provide your information to

WorkTrade Agreement
Commitment for this position is 2 hours/week. Compensation is unlimited yoga classes. If you are unable to work one of your shifts, you must find a substitute from our group of WorkTrade students. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate dismissal.
I understand these requirements.



  • You must love yoga.
  • You must love Village Yoga.
  • You must have attended at least 10 classes at Village Yoga.
  • You must commit to at least 6 months of service.
  • You must communicate well on a personal level and over phone and email.
  • You must be willing to clean (bathrooms included, yogi).
Please note:
We’re looking for yogis who can commit to at least 6 months of service. This job carries the commitments of any job.

Personal Info
Today’s Date:

High School:

Work Experience (or attach resume)
References (please list two, no relatives)

Let us know about you!
  • How long have you been practicing yoga?
  • What drew you to yoga in the first place?
  • What keeps you practicing?
  • Why are you interested in WorkTrade at Village Yoga?
  • What days and hours do you have available?


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