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Meghan Neeley

I am devoted to teaching yoga as a path of life transformation. I am The Manifestress. I have truly created the life of my dreams and I work with yoga practitioners who are committed to creating reality from their wildest dreams of what’s possible in relationship, work and life through the combination of yoga and coaching.

My yoga classes are pulsing with prana, chanting, music, and the radiant heart of vinyasa for all levels. My yogic path began when I was 16 years old and I fell in love with yoga as a way of life. I began teaching restorative, alignment based yoga at eighteen and had the experience of what it’s like to go to work and return even more energized than when I left. I have over 1200 hours of yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea and Janet Stone and 4 years of life coaching apprenticeship that led to my coaching certification and role as programs director for Grace Clayton's One Shift Coaching. I live my life like Gandhi suggested, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." As a life-long ocean lover, I'm living my dreams in the Santa Cruz harbor with my beloved husband and step-son. It's such a privilege to teach classes at Village Yoga and be a part of this community.

Kate Giampapa

Mission statement: To create and provide a comfortable space where you can heal, grow, and revive your body and mind. Yoga has been an important part of my life ever since I took my first class in 2004 and got certified shortly after. Being an avid snowboarder and runner, yoga was there to keep me balanced as an athlete; the more yoga I did the better my body and mind felt. I practice or teach everyday and respect all styles of yoga. I am trained to teach Bikram Yoga, hot Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and partner stretching. When working one on one with a student or in a large group, I teach with compassion, while educating and motivating the yogis to go deeper: physically, mentally, or emotionally. When not in a yoga studio teaching, I coordinate and co-host Yoga Retreats around the world. Aspen Synergy has been a retreat provider for over 7 years and continues to bring students to exotic locations such as Hawaii, Bali, and Mexico. I love to travel and meet yogis and teachers of all styles. I currently live in Santa Cruz, California and am excited to be a part of Village Yoga.

Roger Tompkins

I have been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga for about 10 years now, at first averaging 1-2 times per week for the most part. I was initially drawn towards the energetic and detail-oriented practice as a way to counter-act some of the tightness I was creating in my body by being involved with agricultural labor. I also wanted a strong workout; I think somehow the stress from the heat and the difficulty of the postures helped me feel that much more fulfilled. It was incredibly difficult at first but something kept drawing me back, and there was no denying that even though I felt exhausted directly after class I also felt so much relief and relaxation. Slowly but surely the practice helped me to gain a greater body awareness as well as more intimate connection with my own breath. I began to notice how it was affecting every aspect of my life; difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging situations could be seen in a new light of acceptance by staying calm and connected with the breath. Gradually over the years I became more and more interested in the science of yoga until finally this year I took the step to attend a teacher training. It is still strange to consider myself as a teacher now after this many years as a student but I am so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to share with others this practice which has been so beneficial in my own life.

Tara Murphy

Yoga has been a mainstay in my life since the first time I stepped onto a mat 12 years ago. My advanced training and practice is considered Hatha Flow, as well as enjoying benefits and variety from Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin and AcroYoga. I received my 200 hour certification from True Living Yoga in Northport, New York and my 500 hour certification from Santa Cruz Yoga in Santa Cruz, California. The main focus in my upbeat classes are how yoga can be interpreted on and off the mat. It's of utmost importance to infuse a real life, grounded approach in my teachings, each class beginning with a brief inspirational reading to remind students that yoga is just as important outside the yoga studio! I also thoroughly enjoy Tribal fusion Bellydance, kittens , roller skating and chocolate chip cookies.

Kyria Edwards

I cherish how yoga brings people together in a safe space with the collective intention of being happier and healthier. I have been honored with the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with students of all ages and backgrounds. While teaching high school in North Carolina I started a yoga club for teenagers, while living in San Francisco I started a free yoga class for low-income senior citizens, and while volunteering in Armenia I led yoga for elementary children to promote peace and wellbeing.
There has been no other avenue for me that connects body, heart, mind, and spirit as deeply as yoga does. I am always a student in the yoga practice, learning more each time I step onto my mat. I love the profound simplicity of yoga and how it is inherently available to all people, asking only for an open mind and heart from its participants. I am a health advocate and have spent the last ten years embracing a variety of modalities that support health, by serving as a massage practitioner, personal chef, nutritionist, wellness coach, fitness instructor and yoga teacher. It is with this holistic approach that I am honored to lead yoga and continue the path of yogic exploration!

Ashley Keith

Yoga has carved a beautiful path for me, allowing me to dive deeper into my emotions, physical body, and spiritual self. I fell in love with the Village Yoga community when I started taking Bikram classes and meeting all the amazing staff members. The heated classes felt great on my body and the positive results came through in my massage practice. My joints and muscles were feeling better then ever! I love teaching Vinyasa Yoga and am honored to be part of Village Yoga Community.
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